Video Capture WebD

Access the device's camera(s) to take a picture and store it to the database.
For FMS 17 and up it uses the Data API, FMS16 and less CWP/php to transfer the picture from the web viewer to the database.


  • enable WebDirect, Data API (php/cwp for FMS < 17)
  • For FMS < 18 install BE Plugin (Server side get it from here:
  • load file to server, open it with FMP. If your server's host name does not match webd base url, either rename it or edit $$apiurl to return the webd base url.
  • run script getLinkCommand, run this command on FMS host to symlink the web root into FMS documents ¬†directory
  • run script writeLibraryFiles, installs the needed web resource files to FMS web root
  • open file using WebD

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