Gamelan Gender

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more about Gamelan Gender Wayang:

World’s first tunable Mac implementation of Balinese Gender Wayang!

Generate your gendings (gender wayang tunes) in a midi sequencing/notation program and export it as midi file. Load it in to Midi Gender to play it in matching tuning to your real instruments, use it for practicing, memorizing.

Use Midi Gender as sound module for your favorite sequencer via midi

Gender Wayang is a 10-key metallophone, coming in pairs, most be doubled from an other pair one octave higher, tuned in Slendro scale. As Gender Wayang is played with two panggul (mallets) - other than the Gangsa in Gong Kebyar - two player together play the melody (left hand) and the interlocking parts kotekan (right hand) as a complete „mini“ Gamelan.

  • tunable set (4 instruments à 10 keys) by mathematical system, or by defining the frequency of every key
  • map the keys to midi note numbers
  • read/write midi files and native Midi Gender songs (compatible with Gender for iOS songs)
  • play songs, adjust track volume, set click sounds, loop defined parts...
  • simple event editor for small corrections, insert tempo change, time signature events, insert beats i.e. for count in...
  • sampled real gender sound, choose sound from GM sound font.
  • play the keys with mouse or keyboard keys, or via midi in.
  • play the sounds from your favorite sound module via midi out (must be multitimbral and omni off capable). The tuning is transmited as pitchbend event for every note, delegated to its own midi channel.

Gamelan Gender on iPad

There's MIDI Gender for Windows too, if interested use the contact form.

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