As the Claris provided Add-on wont print, I built my own from the quill-source.

Sync either quill's delta (json object) or the rendered html with a FileMaker field.
Printing is done using the browser.

Place unziped folder(s) to
macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/AddonModules/
Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\FileMaker\Extensions\AddonModules\

Month Cal: date picker in iCal style. drop on layout, ungroup object, delete blue dot, redirect the field to your field.

Swiss QR Bill: drop on a helper layout and read the description text for integration.

Magic Value List: drop on Layout, ungroup object, delete blue dot, redirect the field to your field, set your values in Let()-statement of the "OnObjectEnter"-trigger.

Magic Value List Two Column: drop on Layout, ungroup object, delete blue dot, redirect the field(s) to your key-field(s), set your values in Let()-statement of the "Hide Object When"-trigger. Value- and description need to be delimited by "||", if provide just a value no description, the value list will be sorted in order of the provided values.

You need one valuelist definition per simultaneously displayed field. A valuelist consists of a table MVL_ValueListXX, where XX is a distinct number x-bound to table MVL_ValueListLink and a valuelist definition.
3 valuelists are set up, just add more if needed, delete unused.

Collect records of a found set into a JSON object and transfer it to another file.
Parse the JSON object to a VirtualList.

Collecting can be done by native FM json functions, MBS json functions or using ExecuteSQL and some custom functions.

Inserting/updating can be done by parsing the json object by native json or MBS json functions, or by MBS or Base Elements FM SQL functions reading the data from the VirtualList.

Access the device's camera(s) to take a picture and store it to the database.
For FMS 17 and up it uses the Data API, FMS16 and less CWP/php to transfer the picture from the web viewer to the database.


  • enable WebDirect, Data API (php/cwp for FMS < 17)
  • For FMS < 18 install BE Plugin (Server side get it from here:
  • load file to server, open it with FMP. If your server's host name does not match webd base url, either rename it or edit $$apiurl to return the webd base url.
  • run script getLinkCommand, run this command on FMS host to symlink the web root into FMS documents  directory
  • run script writeLibraryFiles, installs the needed web resource files to FMS web root
  • open file using WebD

Using VirtualBox - Data directory on host nfs-share

Install your "portable" FileMaker Server on your developer machine in a lightweight VM, keep Data on your filesystem.
Or install FMS19 additional to your locally installed FMS16/17/18 (macOS)